CUSTOMIZABLE Hoop Ultrasound


The ultrasound is the first photo you have of your baby.
Keep this precious memory by transforming it into a beautiful decorative hoop.


  • the size (6″ or 8 ” inches)
  • the color for your baby ( white or glitter white)
  • the color for the small decoration:
    1 – Gold Heart
    2 – Pink Heart
    3 – Red Heart
    4 – Blue Heart
    5 – A Rainbow
    6 – Heart & Wings for your Angel
  • and if you add a name, a date, or a message.

And SEND me the ultrasound by email at with your order number.


NOTE: the ultrasound must be of good enough quality for me to be able to make this decoration.*

And if in doubt, contact me here

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These baby keepsakes are personalized and handmade to order to celebrate or remember a pregnancy. They are ideal as a unique baby shower gift, to announce your news or to look back on a pregnancy with a scan you can display on your wall.


I love embroidery but I had no budget for this beautiful art so I looked for a solution that would make the memories of your future child unforgettable.
And here it is, the custom ultrasound Hoop with Heat Transfer Paper.
I suggest that you make this scan unique by adding birth information, first name, or just a little heart.


This gift will appeal to all future parents.

This is an invaluable memory for every parent because one that is everlasting.


VIDEO: ultrasound memory baby photo


Now your keepsakes stay forever.


Will come ready to hang.
It will make a small place in the living room in the middle of family photos or in the bedroom of your little one.

Process Time is 2 weeks but please send me a message if that is in a hurry.


It’s always a joy to create these hoops, and I can’t wait to work with you on your own ultrasound!


Thank you to support my small business




Don’t hesitate to ask me if there is anything you would like to change, I would be happy to try.



* If this is not the case, you will be offered a refund for your order.



ultrasound color

glitter white, white

ultrasound heart

glitter pink, glitter blue, gold, glitter gold

ultrasound size

6", 8"


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