About "La creatrice"

A few words about


My name is Emeline and I am the designer behind the brand.

I am a little Frenchie expatriate in California.

Mom of one Adorable Little girl

How was born your vocation of: “creative” & “seamstress”?

I have always been passionate about couture and children’s fashion.
I made many baby clothes and accessories before having my daughter.
Then when I became a mom, I wanted comfortable and good quality clothes for my baby but without forgetting the charm and the style. I then made him lots of little baggy clothes with braces, knots, and collars.


How would you define your style and where do you get your inspiration?

I have always loved watching family photo albums. And I drew my inspiration from these old photos of my parents and grandparents in their beautiful little outfits of the beginning of the century.

Can you present us “Sew Francisco”? What triggered your entrepreneurial adventure?

In February 2017, I followed my husband to the other side of the world. He wanted to live his “American dream” and I wanted to see him happy.

Then we had our daughter and the months passed …

I made my baby’s wardrobe, inspired by what I had loved so much in her timeless French-style clothes of yesteryear.


Then I thought, “and why not me? Why not realize my dream of mine: to create a brand for baby.

Sew Francisco was born.

What is your news? How do you want to develop your brand?
My values are simple: ethical and sustainable creations. I would like to focus my business more and more on sustainable development and recycling.
I wish to participate in the realization of a slow fashion in our world of “disposable”.
What a pleasure to own beautiful clothes so well done that they will last for many years, and can be passed on to younger ones.
I sew with 100% cotton fabrics (like the beautiful Tana Lawn fabrics from Liberty of London) as natural fibers that breathe and are soft against small skin.
Moreover, most clothes are doubled to ensure more comfort and allow your little one to be comfortable to discover the world.