"La creatrice"

A few words about ME

My name is Emeline and I am the creator behind the brand.

I am a French expatriate living in California and mother of an adorable little girl.

How was born your vocation of: “creative” & “seamstress”?

I have always been passionate about DIY, sewing, embroidery, design, …
I made many baby clothes and accessories before having my daughter.
I remember that I was looking for a nice colorful but elegant decoration for my daughter’s room. I wanted to combine her room decorations with the beautiful designs I had seen in France with those in our new home.
Since I couldn’t find anything here in the States, I created them myself.

How would you define your style and where do you get your inspiration?

My main source of inspiration is my daughter. I observe her and I try to stick to her needs and desires.
For example, I created the travel changing mat, which is very soft, because the idea of putting her on the floor on a plastic sheet made me feel sick.

Can you present us “Sew Francisco”? What triggered your entrepreneurial adventure?

In February 2017, I followed my husband to California. Then we had our daughter a months later.

I made her baby’s wardrobe, inspired by what I had loved so much in her timeless French-style clothes of yesteryear.

Then I thought, “Why not realize my dream” to create a brand for babies. Sew Francisco was born.

I have to do everything, all alone, I am at the same time: photographer, designer, seamstress, community manager, supply and financial manager, …. but I love this life at 1000 miles per hour.


How do you want to develop your brand?

I try to convey simple values: to enjoy yourself by offering quality and durable accessories.
I select 100% cotton fabrics with care and the Oeko-Tex standard in order to respect the children’s skin and our planet.

In a concern of reasoned consumption, the majority of the products are carried out in small series and has the request to avoid the waste and the unsold goods.
The majority of the fabrics are imported during personal trips to France, which avoids the need to send them by post.

I like to use every little piece of fabric and make it come to life.

I hope to make you dream and travel in the world of Sew Francisco

Thanks to you,