Loveys are a way to ease separation anxiety and can help your little one become more independent and feel safe while experiencing new things.


  • 100% cotton in the front
  • very soft minkee 100% polyester
  • side 15 inches (with ears)
  • 1 plastic snaps to attach a teether or a pacifier
  • a wood teether (choose your favorite)


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bunny blanket

This small bunny Blanket will accompany your child and will be a perfect transition object during your separation.


It is sold WITH a teether that will add interest to the sensory awakening of your little one.


The dinosaur* teether is held by a small link that closes with a snap.
You can also hang pacifiers on it like this one.
It is possible to remove it to hang a teat or hang it on your bag when you go on a walk.


Machine washable delicate cycle or by hand BUT REMOVE the teether before!
No Iron on the Minkee fabric


As each item is handmade, measurements may vary.
My creations have not been tested for compliance with safety standards for toys.
Do not use it without the presence of an adult.


* You can choose another teether shape